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Why can’t you get relief from cold in North India? Delhi cold wave!

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People are not getting relief from the harsh winter in Delhi and nearby. Cloud is the main reason for this The heat of the sun has been softened by the clouds. The rays of the sun are not reaching the earth properly, which can reduce the coolness. Today, Delhi has a minimum temperature of 4 to maximum 11 degrees inside Delhi cold wave.

According to the meteorologist, for the last about a fortnight the clouds have been confined at an altitude of only 200 to 300 meters. Pollution has made the layer of clouds thick, due to this, the hot rays of the sun are not able to penetrate these clouds and reach the earth. Alam is that many times the sun does not come out for the whole day and even if it comes out at times, it remains at a low level, due to which the chance of getting cold is more likely.

The Meteorological Department says climate change is not the reason for this winter. This type of situation continues after every decade. Sometimes the cold wave is long and sometimes the fog is very dense. It is becoming a cycle of seasons.

Meteorologists say that due to snowfall in the mountains, the wind is also coming from the north-west direction in Delhi at this time. There is a lot of moisture in this air. This creates heaviness in the air. In such a situation, it is neither able to blow the clouds nor take them up. Due to this reason, the effect of cold is more.

Kuldeep Srivastava, head of the Meteorological Center, Delhi, says that the activity of western disturbances is also very important behind keeping the cold low or high. This time, whatever western disturbances are forming in the Himalayan region, all have been strong. Due to the strong western disturbance in the beginning of the new year, there is a possibility of rain and hail. There is a possibility of a very cold this time in January as well.

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