PM-Modi not in Good mood-Over Border Row with China

US President Donald Trump, who offered mediation on India’s border dispute with China, said that I have spoken to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this regard but he is not in a good mood due to the dispute with China. Also, he once again reiterated the need to mediate. President Donald Trump said that there is a big conflict going on between India and China, two big countries with 1.4 billion population whose military strength is very strong.

India is not happy and perhaps China is also not happy. He further said, I can tell you that I have spoken to Prime Minister Modi, but he is not in a good mood about the controversy that has been with China right now.

The Indian government on Friday doubled its response to US President Donald Trump’s refusal to offer mediation on the border deadlock with China, with people familiar with developments dismissing the US leader’s dispute with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Discussed face-off.

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