PIA Crased, Pakistan plane Crased

Pakistan Plane Crash

  • 97 people killed
  • Two passengers survived
  • The plane was going from Lahore to Karachi
  • 99 people were aboard at the time of the accident

At least 97+ people have died in a plane crash in Karachi, Pakistan. Two lives have also been saved in the accident. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), going from Lahore to Karachi on 22 may, was a victim of an accident in the flight residential area. There were 99 people on this plane. Officials have given this information.
The plane crash occurred just before landing at Karachi Airport. In the midst of a nationwide crisis of Corona virus, Pakistan recently lifted the ban on domestic flights. The plane was going from Lahore to Karachi and crashed in the Jinnah Garden area near Model Colony in Malir.

Flight A-320, had 91 passengers, while there were 8 crew members. Fierce smoke rose after the accident, after which people came to know about the accident. Many houses caught fire due to the accident. The plane debris fell in the residential area, due to which many people were also injured.

Domestic flights were closed in Pakistan

Flights to Pakistan were suspended amidst lockdown and escalating COVID19 crisis. Flights were resumed on Saturday last week itself. According to Pakistan media, just 10 minutes before the plane landed, the pilot told that there is some technical problem. A recording of the last conversation between Air Traffic Control (ATC) and the pilot has also been revealed. The last words recorded by the pilot flying the Airbus A320 were that the engines of the aircraft are not working.

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